Welch Allyn Schiller AT 10 EKG/ECG

Welch Allyn Schiller AT 10 EKG/ECG

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The CARDIOVIT AT-10 is a sophisticated compact work-station for cardiological diagnosis. It has the facility to carry out both resting and exercise ECGs with the test results displayed on the integral LCD and recorded on the built-in thermal printer.

Three RS-232 interfaces and one RS-422 interface are provided for the connection of digitally controlled exercise test equipment, blood pressure equipment, and for data transmission/reception.

The unit also has facilities for connection of an external video monitor, experimental DC inputs, and analog controlled exercise equipment.

With ECG program options, the AT-10 can be upgraded to provide ECG interpretation, exercise test evaluation, pacemaker measurement and Frank vector loops. A Spirometry option enables

Spirometry tests to be performed and pulmonary function diagnosis to be carried out.

The AT-10 can also be connected to the Schiller PC-based data management program (designated SEMA-200), for the validation and archiving of recorded data.

The AT-10 comprises the following boards and major functional areas:

Power Supply

The power supply rectifies the mains input and generates all the required voltages for the AT-10 electronics. Two rechargeable 12V batteries, connected in series, provide the power for the printer and enable the AT-10 to operate for about one hour when mains is not present.

Processor Board

The Processor Board is the master control for all peripherals and contains the main CPU, system timing circuits and the unit RAM memory. This board also contains the following:

  • Video signal generation circuits and the video/LCD conversion circuit for the LCD
  • Program Pack containing the unit software
  • Print control, keyboard timing, and graphics control circuits

The Processor Board communicates externally over the following connectors:

  • Serial RS-232 and RS-422 interfaces for connection of RS controlled treadmills and blood pressure measuring equipment. A port is also available for data transmission to other ECG equipment or to an external computer for data evaluation and storage.
  • ERGO connector which provides an analog output to control the speed of a treadmill or the load on a bicycle ergometer. An analog signal is returned from a treadmill to indicate the current elevation and speed.
  • Data I/O connector which is used for the following:
    1. a foot-switch input
    2. QRS trigger output for BP-200
    3. control signal for treadmill elevation
  • Video connector for connection of an external monochrome VGA standard monitor. The digital video signal reflects the current LCD display.
  • Spirometry connector for connection of a spirometer (SP-20, SP110, SP-150).
  • DC connectors (DC1, DC2) which are used for experimental analog input signals.

ECG Amplifier Board

This board amplifies and carries out some signal processing
on the incoming ECG signals. To ensure absolute safety of
the patient, all incoming/outgoing data is via opto-isolators.

Interface Board

The Interface board contains the following:

  • Paper mark detection circuit
  • Thermal print head data buffers
  • Stepper motor control circuit
  • Control circuit for the paper tray dc motor

LCD/Keyboard Buffer Board

This board buffers the LCD and keyboard data and contains
the high voltage circuit for the LCD.