Tuttnauer 3870EA Sterilizer NEW Complete Automatic

Tuttnauer 3870EA Sterilizer NEW Complete Automatic

Vendor: Tuttnauer
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Tuttnauer 3870EA Sterilizer autoclave

Enormous chamber size in a table top setting. One push of a button, and leave the rest to automation. It will fill the chamber with water, will start the sterilization process, will vent, and will dry.

The simplicity of one-touch design offering the user the ability to decrease the overall drying time of sterilized items by as much as 60%. High Efficiency air pump. Decreased overall drying time. Closed door drying. Hepa filter 0.2┬Ám air filter. Circulates hot air after the sterilization cycle for fast drying.


  • Chamber Dimensions: 15" x 30"
  • Volume 22 Gal/85L
  • Overall Dimensions: 34.5"D x 26" W x 20.6" H
  • Standard Unwrapped Cycle Time Cold 55 Mins
  • Hot: 40 Mins
  • Number of trays: 2
  • Voltage: 230V 50/60 Hz
  • Warranty: One year on site for parts and labor
  • Chamber Size: 15" Diameter 29" Deep
  • Brand New Machine
  • Automatic (electronic) controlled
  • Steam Sterilizer
  • Power Supply: 208V
  • 30 minutes cycle
  • Table Style
  • Weight: 180.00 Pounds