Sonosite Titan Portable Ultrasound Machine

Sonosite Titan Portable Ultrasound Machine

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The SonoSite TITAN® is a high-resolution modular ultrasound solution. It provides health care professionals with state of the art high-resolution imaging wherever needed for responsive, rapid patient care. The TITAN system's modular design includes three major benefits:

  • Stationary and mobile usage
  • Point-of-care connectivity
  • Flexible, cost-effective paths that enable users to acquire new components and software applications

This ultrasound system's modularity is based on SonoSite's proprietary ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology, and combines the high performance of cart-based systems with the speed, flexibility and durability of mobile ultrasound devices. It delivers point-of-care connectivity through its Mobile Docking System, allowing the user to connect to the health care provider's internal and external information systems.

Probes priced separately - please contact us for probe pricing.


  • Control panel
  • Transducer connection
  • Handle
  • Display
  • CompactFlashTM slots (front for image storage, back for system and transducers updates, import/export OB tables, user names/passwords, and DICOM configurations

The TITAN system is a portable, software-controlled, ultrasound system using all-digital architecture. The system is used to acquire and display high-resolution, real-time ultrasound images: 2D, color power Doppler (CPD), directional color power Doppler (DCPD), Color Doppler (Color), Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI), M Mode, pulsed wave (PW) Doppler, and continuous wave (CW) Doppler. The system has cine buffer, image zoom, labeling, biopsy, measurements, calculations, a USB connection for image transfer, image storage, image review, printing, recording, and the ability to archive Doppler with audio output to a videotape.
Currently, the system supports the following broadband transducers:

  • C8/8-5 MHz 8 mm microcurved array
  • C11/8-5 MHz 11 mm microcurved array
  • C15/4-2 MHz 15 mm microcurved array
  • C60/5-2 MHz 60 mm curved array
  • HST/10-5 MHz 25 mm linear array
  • ICT/8-5 MHz 11 mm intracavitary array
  • L25/10-5 MHz 25mm linear array
  • L38/10-5 MHz 38 mm linear array

System accessories include the following: TITAN mobile docking system, TITAN MDS Lite, TITAN mini-dock, Triple Transducer Connect, a power supply, a battery, ECG cable, video and printer cables, SiteLink Image Manager 2.2 software, and DICOM connectivity.


The ultrasound system contains software that controls its operation. A software upgrade may be required. SonoSite will provide you with a CompactFlash card containing the software. Typically new software provides new capabilities. A single CompactFlash card can be used to update one or more systems. Software upgrades use the back CompactFlash slot on the right hand side of the system. CompactFlash cards installed in the front CompactFlash slot do not upgrade the system.

Probes are not included.

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