Quinton ST55 Treadmill

Quinton ST55 Treadmill

Vendor: Quinton
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Features digitally controlled AC-drive system that delivers greater performance, improved accuracy, and increased reliability.

The treadmill consists of two subassemblies: the headframe and the deck and roller assembly. The ECG monitor, which is attached by cable to the treadmill, functions as the user interface.

ECG Monitor

The user enters all treadmill commands through the ECG monitor; the information appears on the monitor display. The monitor processes the information and sends commands to the headframe assembly.

Headframe Assembly

The headframe assembly receives speed and grade commands from the ECG monitor. The assembly includes the drive and grade systems and the electronics that drive these systems. A three-phase AC motor drives the walk belt. A DC motor moves the front of the treadmill up or down to simulate hills. The drive motor supplies torque and speed to the drive pulley through a drive belt.

Deck and Roller Assembly

The deck and roller assembly is attached to the headframe and supports the rear of the treadmill. It provides the platform for the walking belt. The drive belt supplies torque to the walk belt through the drive roller pulley.

  • Speed start at .8 mph to 9.6 mph
  • 400 lb user weight capacity
  • Length: 80.2” (204cm)
  • 115V/20A power required
  • Dedicated circuit required

Designed to operate specifically with Quinton stress test monitors, these treadmills are identical except for the length of the walking surface: the ST55 has a 55-inch long surface. This system also delivers consistently high torque over the entire treadmill speed and patient weight range to deliver the speed accuracy required for stress testing. The speed range is 0.8 to 9.6 mph, the weight maximum is 400 lbs and the grade is adjustable from 0 to 25%. In addition, the quiet operation makes these treadmills ideal for hospital and office environments.

Standard Features:

Calculated heart rate, ST level, and ST slope. This unit has a keyboard option, standard protocols, final reports, trending graphs, exercise set ST level vs time, exercise set ST slope vs time, heart rate vs time, treadmill speed vs time, treadmill grade vs time, 12 lead ST level vs time, 12 lead ST slope vs time. This machine and treadmill is standard for stress testing.