Medison SonoAce 8000 Ultrasound Machine

Medison SonoAce 8000 Ultrasound Machine

Vendor: Medison
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The Medison SonoAce 8000 is an entry-level, affordable ultrasound machine which stands out amongst its competitors as an excellent performer. The machine delivers great 2D/3D images while providing the essential diagnostic features. The Medicon SonoAce was designed to work well with obstetric and gyneocologic applications. This ultrasound system outperforms many of its competitors with its sophisticated features yet it’s simple to use interface:


  • Motion mode (M-mode)
  • Color Doppler Imaging, and Color Power Angio Imaging with Quad-beam receiving
  • Pulsed wave (PW), and Continuious wave (CW) spectral Doppler
  • Tissue Doppler, Trapezoidal, and Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Full digital beamforming, OSIO
  • Multi-frequency steps (General, Resolution, Penetration)
  • 256 shades of gray, Auto Measurement
  • Cine for 128 frames and Loop Review for 2048 lines
  • Color VGA monitor with non-interlaced display
  • DICOM 3.0 compatible Image filing (SonoView II)
  • SonoView II Image management


  • 3D
  • OB-GYN

Probes are not included.

Compatible Transducer:

  • Medison C2-5 ET-N
  • Medison 3D4-7 EK
  • Medison 3D3-5 EK