Stress Test EKG Machine – Purpose, Procedures and Top Brands

The equipment at Absolute Medical Inc. is designed with an emphasis on providing the best services in terms of patient care. There is a wide range of equipment available, which can suit and meet the needs of different medical institutions. Such equipment is properly reconditioned and will always perform at the same level according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

A stress test is simply an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) which the patient undergoes while they are exercising, on the treadmill. The main aim of the stress test is to monitor the level of activity in the patient’s heart as they are undertaking the physical activity. Changes in the heart function should be monitored because some abnormalities can be detected only when the patient is exercising.

The role of the EKG in preventative diagnostics is quite important. In fact, a stress test should not be carried out on an individual, unless there is proof that they might be struggling with the condition that affects their heart health. Towards this end, healthy individuals, or people who have no sign or history of heart disease should never have a stress test done.

Uses of the EKG Machine

The EKG machine is often used together with other tests to diagnose and monitor different conditions that affect the heart. Some of the symptoms physicians investigate include shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, and palpitations. The machine can detect things like coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart attack and arrhythmia. The entire procedure is quick and painless and should be completed in less than 30 minutes.

There is a wide range of supporting desks, treadmills and EKG machines available, all which will serve your needs.

Is there a particular order or test that should be done together with the stress test EKG? Well, the stress test EKG is usually done after a resting EKG. This is important so that the physician can ascertain whether the patient can go through with the stress test. It is pretty much a comparative study and allows the physician a better understanding of what the patient is going through.

Importance of an EKG

Considering the importance of proper heart functions, an EKG will go a long way in making sure that the physician gets a better understanding of the condition of the patient's heart. More often, an EKG comes in handy in a scenario where a patient has been struggling with symptoms like chest pressure or chest pain. Palpitations, fainting, and dizziness in the course of an exercise routine or when going about normal activities should also be good cause for getting a stress test done.

Other than that, the EKG is also useful in diagnosing angina. For someone who has undergone surgery, it helps in detecting any blockage. In case you are under treatment for some heart condition or disease, EKG is a very good way of determining the efficiency of the treatment or the medicine that you are using.

If you have been inactive for a very long time, a stress test will be useful for you, particularly when you resume exercising. This is to help you and your physician determine the best exercise routine for your current physical condition and health.

The top brands

The following are some of the equipment that you can buy from Absolute Medical Inc. that will assist you in your practice.

Quinton ST55 Treadmill

Quinton is one of the top names in the industry. Their products are designed through high-end technology to make sure that they provide nothing short of the best services to patients and medical practitioners.

This particular system is unique in the sense that it is designed with an AC drive system that is fully programmed digitally. This is to ensure unrivaled reliability, accuracy, and the best performance while in use.

This machine is specifically designed to work together with Quinton stress test monitors. Other than the length of the walking surface, Quinton treadmills have the same length. To make sure that the patient’s weight range is delivered accurately and for accurate stress test results, it is designed to deliver high torque all through the treadmill, irrespective of the speed.

GE Marquette Case 8000 Stress System

This is one of the best information systems in the market at the moment, for exercises. It features a good combination of network connectivity and information access to deliver high-performance stress testing results with the highest efficiency levels.

It processes signals at ECG frequency of 500 Hz, has a unique communications system, complete with a remote view to allow the practitioner a good view of the stress test remotely. This is a machine that is backed by continued innovation in ECG algorithms, microelectronics and signal processing, from a company that has been a leader in the industry for so many years.

GE Case Stress System

It works together with a T2000 treadmill. It allows the professional to get accurate results, especially when it comes to annotation, documentation and automatic detection of an arrhythmia. Like most of the other equipment that is currently available from Absolute Medical Inc., this machine not only makes work easier but also allows the doctor to provide results with the highest level of accuracy. This eventually helps in getting the patient the best care and increase the chances of wellness in good time.

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