Philips Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound devices consist of a digital processor and system display, a control unit for focus, compensating amplifier, transmitter pulse generator, and a transducer. They are used to do cerebrovascular, urological, maternity, cardiac, and abdominal examinations; breast examinations; and operational and review of small tissue pieces.

Ultrasound applies to acoustic energy above the human hearing frequency. Diagnostic sonographic scanners operate in a range of frequencies that are hundreds of times higher than the human hearing limit. The higher the frequency is, the smaller the details. 

Ultrasound imaging is used to visualize subcutaneous structures of the body such as internal organs and vessels, joints, muscles, and tendons. Clinical benefits include

  • Noninvasive
  • Good visualization characteristics
  • Relatively easy management

Four modes of ultrasound are utilized in medical imaging. The A-mode is a single transducer scan. The B-mode uses an array of transducers simultaneously. M-mode is used to see and measure motion range. The Doppler effect is used in the Doppler mode to measure and visualize blood flow.

Absolute Medical Inc offers three pre-owned Philips Ultrasound Machine models. They are the HD9. HD-11 and HD 15.


The HD9 is no longer in production Absolute Medical has refurbished systems. The Philips HD9 is a sound, economical general imaging and OB/GYN machine with outstanding 3D and 4D capabilities that are easy to learn. 

It is an ideal system for those who appreciate a combination of sophistication and simplicity. The versatility meets the needs the needs of all applications related to women's health. Data collected by the system is used to guide patient care.

The machine creates slices used to zero in on regions of interest. The breast elastography offers a means of characterizing tissue by relative stiffness differentiation of an area. The distinction increases the available information used in making diagnostic decisions. 


Phillips combined clinically proven technologies, automated image optimization tools, and broadband beam forming to make the HD-11 digital ultrasound system. It is ideal for private and public hospitals, specialized practices, or satellite clinics.

The following advanced technologies and mode are available. Beam-steered compounding is transmitted and received with SonoCT. Multiple lines of sight are acquired simultaneously without special transducer maneuvers.

Real-time images are displayed that are exceptionally clear. Patient after patient benefits from the increased diagnostic confidence the clinical data provides. The XRES adaptive processing eliminates speckle noise artifact which enhances margins and borders for better diagnostic review. The XRES and SonoCT work in tandem to display images with accuracy and clarity that adds to diagnostic confidence.

HD 15

The HD 15 is Philips' top of the line ultrasound machine. The performance capability of the system can handle large patient loads efficiently. The power diagnostic capabilities perform in-depth clinical evaluations.

Routine exams are streamlined with the advanced diagnostic tools. Superb images allow for confident diagnosis of technically challenging patients. Beam-steering techniques of the SonoCT imaging technology transmit tomographic, coplanar images from different angles. They are combined into a single compounded image in real-time.

Exam efficiency is increased by revealing fine structure details in difficult-to-image patients with PureWave crystal technology that improves penetration. One-button push iSCAN image technology automatically adjusts multiple parameters to achieve optimal image quality quickly in 2D, Doppler and colour exams. The XRES adaptive image process enhances border and margin definition and reduces artifacts. 


Comparison Table

System Overview HD9 HD11XE HD15
Year Launched 2009 2007 2008
Estimated Market Price Economy Mid High
Monitor 17" LCD 20" LCD 20" LCD
Tilt/Rotate Adjustable Monitor Yes Yes Yes
Touch Screen No No  No
Trackball or Trackpad Trackball Trackball Trackball

CP Back-Lighting

No Yes Yes
Weight 222 lbs 220 lbs 220 lbs
Probe Ports 3 3 2
Battery No No  No
Sleep Mode (Quick Start) No No No
Maximum Depth of Field 30 cm 30-35 cm 30-35 c,
Cart (HCU) No No No
DICOM 3.0 Yes Yes (Option) Yes
DICOM SR_Cardiac No Yes Yes
DICOM SR_Vascular No No No
JPEG, WMV, & AVI Yes Yes Yes
USB Yes Yes Yes
HDD/SDD 90 GB 250 GB 160 GB
DVD/CD RW Yes Yes Yes
Wireless LAN No No No

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