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New Study Places Defibrillators in Public Places

By: Absolute Medical Equipment

A recent study found that placing defibrillators in offices and other public areas with trained people can have a positive impact on cardiac arrest patients at the time of the arrest itself. We are used to seeing defibrillators being rushed in by a first responder paramedic but having them placed in these areas can be very effective to treat patients.

Defibrillators can double survival with trained teams available to carry out treatment when the need occurs. The training and equipment makes it very safe. The machinery can detect if body is going through a cardiac arrest to make sure the shocks are not administers incorrectly and in the two years there was not one occasion where a shock was ordered prematurely or in the incorrect circumstances

Research in Iron Levels Supports Patients Healthy Living

By: Absolute Medical Equipment

Recent research found that people with low or very high levels of transferrin saturation ratio are at higher risk of death. The death measure available iron in the blood where normal results lower level prove deficiency and high levels excess of iron in the blood.

Research found that patients with considerably  deficient iron levels, below 17.5% saw the death rate increase by 45% but high levels of iron did not see a particularly increase from the regular rate of death.

In this iron test lower levels indicated deficiency while higher levels, over 50% can be cause for concern and be damaging to the patients health. Haemochromatosis multiple blood transfusions and cirrhosis are usually the cause of these high levels of iron.

Great Things to Know Before Buying Refurbished Equipment

By: Absolute Medical Equipment

The medical care community has always been looking to budget to provide the best service to their customers and patients with the best facilities and equipment. The equipment is particularly costly and hospitals and health care centers look to ways in which they can have the equipment in a inexpensive way. The best way is to reuse and refurbish equipment to save waste and money and help these care centers continue.

Here at Absolute Medical Equipment we lead in providing the very best in refurbished, reconditioned and used equipment for the full range of medical environments. We work with leading manufacturers and vendors to refurbish and recondition equipment through vigorous testing ensuring they are in perfect working order and ready for use.