HP ImagePoint Hx Ultrasound Machine

HP ImagePoint Hx Ultrasound Machine

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A multispecialty harmonic ultrasound system,  the ImagePoint Hx system brings digital harmonic imaging to you. A highly intuitive user interface provides easy access to a full set of standard ImagePoint Hx features. The control panel is configurable to meet the needs of users who specialize in general imaging or cardiology studies. “How-to” information and tips for using the system are always within easy reach. Easy-to-use interface lets you reach maximum productivity fast by reducing training time. Presets instantly and accurately configure the system and  reduce exam time. This system is designed to be easy, inexpensive upgradable and remotely serviceable.


  • Digital scanning for accurate, high-resolution image detail.
  • Tissue harmonic imaging for enhanced image quality in cardiac, abdominal, obstetrical, and pelvic studies.
  • Contrast harmonic imaging option to track contrast agents that highlight tissue and flow abnormalities.
  • Adaptive color flow on selected abdominal and vascular transducers
  • Trapezoidal imaging for an expanded field of view
  • Expanded measurements, calculations, and reports
  • Image capture and data export capabilities to record, communicate, and archive your findings.
  • Dual imaging with separate control of depth, color, and frequency in both images.
  • Triplex imaging to let you track tissue movement and blood flow in 2-D, color flow, and PW Doppler simultaneously.
  • Transcranial Doppler capability for reliably assessing intracranial flow characteristics.
  • High-sensitivity color flow provides reliable flow information, even in small vessels.
  • One-touch ultrasound angio helps detect low-velocity flows.
  • Superior Doppler sensitivity
  • Dual imaging is available with all imaging transducers–curved, sector, and linear.

Available separately:

A full selection of transducers including high-frequency Ultraband imaging to give you more information from each scan.

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