Hologic Sahara BMD Ultrasound Bone Density Densitometer

Hologic Sahara BMD Ultrasound Bone Density Densitometer

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With Sahara, there's finally a dry ultrasound modality for bone assessment that is simple, convenient and practical enough for the office-based physician.

Ultrasound requires no radiation, improving patient acceptance. A registered x-ray technologist is not required to operate the system.

Just 22 lbs (10 kg), Sahara comes equipped with a built-in handle for portability.

The entire space required to perform a bone density test with Sahara, including chair, is less than the footprint of a standard office desk. External computer and printer are not required.

The test takes less than one minute to complete. There is nothing faster on the market.

Sahara is the only ultrasound bone densitometer that estimates BMD and determines T-scores. Sahara results can be used to derive Z-scores, which are important for predicting fracture risk.

Are Sahara tests reimbursed by Medicare and private carriers?

Sahara tests have been reimbursed by Medicare since July 1, 1998. The recent assignment of a CPT code will facilitate reimbursement by private carriers.Medicare will reimburse for Sahara tests provided the individual tested meets one of the following criteria: 
  1. Estrogen-deficient women at clinical risk for osteoporosis.
  2. Individuals with vertebral abnormalities.
  3. Individuals receiving long-term glucocorticoid steroid therapy.
  4. Individuals with primary hyperthyroidism.
  5. Individuals being monitored to assess the response to or efficacy of an approved osteoporosis drug therapy.

What is the CPT Code for Sahara tests?

Effective January 1, 1999, the CPT code for Sahara testing is 76977 (Ultrasound Bone Density measurement and interpretation, peripheral site(s), any method). The USA national average reimbursement rate for this CPT code is $42.37.