GE ProCare 400 Vital Signs Monitor

GE ProCare 400 Vital Signs Monitor

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  • Large digital displays give you readings at a glance.
  • One button press provides accurate BP reading.
  • Refurbished in Like New condition. Includes all accessories.

The ProCare Monitor is a portable unit that receives input power from an internal rechargeable battery.

The ProCare Monitor records the patient vital signs using three external attachments: the temperature probe, SPO2 sensor, and cuff. Interface with a central station or other device is accomplished through the host communication port on the back of the ProCare Monitor.


The SpO2 probe has a built-in sensor. When the SpO2 sensor is attached to the SpO2 connector and patient, the probe senses the heart rate and oxygen saturation. The analog signals are routed to the SpO2 PWA (Nellcor or Masimo). The analog signals are analyzed on the SpO2 PWA. The results are digitized and sent to the Main Board via opto couplers. The couplers provide patient isolation as well as serial data interface. The Main Board temporarily stores the data and routes it to the UI Board for display and/or printer.


The ProCare Monitor uses Alaris Turbo Temp technology to measure patient temperature. The Turbo Temp probe contains a heating element that preheats the probe to reduce determination time. The heating function is controlled by the Main Board. The Turbo Temp probe also contains a thermistor that indicates the temperature. When the probe is attached to the temperature connector and patient, the signal generated by the thermistor is routed to the Main Board. The Main Board converts the thermistor signal along with status information (i.e ORAL or RECTAL probe indicators) to a DIGITAL signal. The Main Board then processes the DIGITAL signal and displays the patient temperature on the UI Board and printer in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Cuff Blood Pressure (BP) and Pulse

When the cuff and hose are attached to the ProCare Monitor and a NonInvasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) determination is initiated, the pump inflates the cuff. Pressure transducers PT1 and PT2 monitor pressure information. The pneumatic manifold has one valve, which is used to deflate the cuff. Valve control is through the Main Board. Once determinations are made for the systolic BP and diastolic BP, the Main Board calculates the pulse rate/ Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP). The results are then displayed on the UI Board and sent to the printer (if specified).