GE Marquette MAC PC Interpretive EKG ECG Machine System

GE Marquette MAC PC Interpretive EKG ECG Machine System

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90-Day Warranty

Here is what you get:

  • Marquette MAC PC EKG Machine
  • AM-3 Patient Module with patient Leads
  • Interpretive EKG Machine
  • Complete report printed on 6" paper, not just ticker tape.
  • Internal Battery
  • This unit has been cleaned, tested, inspected, reconditioned as needed.

This EKG is sold without a cart.

Very portable unit. Perfect for desktop/tabletop use.

This is an EXCELLENT CHOICE for a used WARRANTYd EKG Machine!

Mac  PC EKG tests

  • Advanced Computerized Personal Cardiograph

  • Your key to complete EKG diagnostic services

You could use the MAC PC as a conventional office electrocardiograph. It meets all the requirements: small, inexpensive, reliable and easy to operate. But you wouldn't be using it to its--or your--full potential. Despite its size and price, the MAC PC packs all the power of the most advanced computerized hospital electrocardiograph. In just 15 seconds, it acquires signals from 12 leads simultaneously and analyzes them with Marquette's powerful--and accurate--12SL interpretive program. Perhaps even more important, the MAC PC enables you to link up, via standard telephone line, with outside cardiologists to offer more comprehensive EKG services from your office.

For example, a phone link to a hospital cardiology department or cardiology group practice would enable you to obtain quick confirmation of your diagnoses. With a modem-equipped MAC PC, you simply transmit such EKGs to a cardiologist's Marquette electrocardiograph or MUSE EKG processing and management system. You will receive back, on your MAC PC, the overread report.

Similarly, with the MAC PC you can receive Holter reports from a Marquette Laser Holter system in minutes--a fraction of the time required to receive the reports by mail or courier

In short, the MAC PC enables you to offer extensive EKG diagnostic services with minimal investment. Even if you have no immediate interest in offering such EKG services now, the MAC PC is a good investment because its flexibility broadens your future options. Its phone-line transmission, or "networking" capabilities can be added at any time.

The MAC PC is an advanced office-sized electrocardiograph. But it is also much more than that. It is your key to expanding EKG diagnostic services.

MAC PC High technology in a small, inexpensive portable

We've coupled the latest computer microminiaturization technology with our proven EKG analysis program to create a new health care product: a truly portable personal cardiographic computer. Weighing only 11 pounds, the size of a medical textbook, the MAC PC performs analyses that once required a whole roomful of electronic equipment.

The MAC PC makes computer-analyzed EKGs available anywhere, bringing state-of-the-art EKG capability to a variety of healthcare settings--physicians' offices, clinics, ambulatory care centers, surgical centers and even patients' homes. Never before has such electrocardiographic power been available in an inexpensive, portable unit.

Acquiring the signals:

The MAC PC acquires all 12 classical EKG leads simultaneously with Marquette's New Acquisition Module, which, attached directly to the patient, digitizes the EKG waveforms and sends the data to the unit via a standard, inexpensive telephone type cable. This method of acquisition sets a new standard for signal quality.

Marquette 12SL analysis:

In 15 seconds, the MAC PC performs a complete 12-lead analysis of any EKG. The analysis is based on the same proven 12SL program once available only with room-sized EKG systems. The program contains age-specific criteria and accurately analyzes EKGs from patients of all ages, from newborns to adults. Continually fine-tuned by 28 of the world's leading electrocardiographers, the 12SL program processes nearly one in every four EKGs taken in the U.S. today. it is backed by a still-growing data base of over 5 million EKGs and has earned the trust of thousands of cardiologists worldwide.

Direct Digital Writer:

The MAC PC writes both reports and waveforms with Marquette's solid-state Direct Digital Writer Except for the paper drive, this writer has no pens or other moving parts. The result is extremely reliable performance--no ink to run out, no pens to burn out, nothing to go out of adjustment--and distortion-free waveforms. Waveforms may be written in three- or six-channel formats.

Easy to use:

But despite its power, the MAC PC is extremely easy to use. Just connect the electrodes and push one button. The instrument does the rest. it collects 10 seconds of EKG data from all 12 standard leads, performs a full analysis of morphology and rhythm using Marquette's 12SL analysis program, and prints a report in the format of your choice. The report includes heart rate, PR interval, QRS duration, P-R-T axis measurement, QT and corrected QT.  In addition, the MAC PC will store up to 20 EKGs in solid state memory.

Networking with the MAC PC:

Equipped with a modem, the MAC PC can communicate with thousands of other Marquette electrocardiographs and EKG processing systems throughout the U.S. and in many other countries. This networking capability enables you to transmit EKGs to another Marquette electrocardiograph for overreading or to a MUSE system for overreading, serial comparison, or storage. Because the MAC PC is battery operated, you can take the unit anywhere--even to a patient's home--and transmit ECGs via standard or cellular phones for quick overreading or a second opinion. You can send EKGs from almost anywhere, even from patients' homes for quick overreading or a second opinion. You can even take the MAC PC home with you for receiving and overreading EKGs.

The optional modem also equips the MAC PC to receive Holter reports from Marquette Holter systems. The Holter report includes summary statistics, interpretation and 10-second rhythm strips.

The specially built 2400 baud modem can be added at any time, so even if you have no need to transmit and receive EKG information today, the MAC PC assures you of that capability in the future.

Wherever you use it, the MAC PC can make you part of the growing Marquette ECG communications network.

Analog Output Flexibility:

The MAC PC offers additional flexibility with an Analog Output option. This feature enables you to continuously monitor as many as three leads of EKG data on an oscilloscope. During monitoring you may recall and printout 5 seconds of the three displayed leads or 2.5 seconds of all 12 leads at operator programmable intervals or on