Burdick 850i Interpretive EKG Machine

Burdick 850i Interpretive EKG Machine

Vendor: Burdick
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Used Burdick 850i ECG Machine - Best Price on the market!

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The Burdick Eclipse 850i Electrocardiograph is an excellent option outperforming its price bracket with features and performance that belongs on units that are much more expensive. The big interface along with its easy-to-use single button operations, provides you with convenience of saving time and retakes. Having the option of being powered from its battery enables it mobility to be used in any outlet-tight spaces and can be used in all different light settings thanks to it 3-channel bright backlit preview display. The 850i’s most prominent feature is it computerized interpretation using the respectable Glasgow interpretation program, in which you can confidently trust as your second opinion. Additional options for internal storage, fax and communications, and exercise stress, allow you to customize this system to meet your needs for any specific application.

Features of the Burdick 850i :

  • Multi-channel ECG recorder in a compact design
  • Prints 3-, 4- or 6-channel formats ECG reports and up to 12 channel continuous rhythm reports on 8.5″ paper
  • Bright, backlit three-channel LCD preview screen
  • Non-interpretive (with measurements) and interpretive modes
  • Full 8.5" x 11" reports
  • Three, four and six channel report formats
  • Full alphanumeric keyboard
  • Single-button initiation of ECG
  • Battery or AC operation
  • Patient ID#, Age, Sex, Race, Medications, Clinical Classification, Location, Lead Markings and Acquisition parameters annotated on strip
  • SCP-ECG and Fax transmission options, compatible with the FAA system
  • Storage option for 40 ECGs
  • Exercise Stress Upgrade option


The Burdick Eclipse 850i ekg machine is used and in like new condition, and is ready for use at manufacturer’s standards, for much cheaper than buying it at retail price.