Agilent Philips M3 M3046A Patient Monitor

Agilent Philips M3 M3046A Patient Monitor

Vendor: Philips
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Agilent Philips M3 M3046A Patient Monitor

This monitor features EKG, NIBP, IBP, SpO2 and Temp.

This monitor includes patient accessories for everything EXCEPT IBP or Temp.

The M3 Compact Portable Patient Monitor (M3046A)1is a small, light patient monitor offering a flexible monitoring solution to suit a broad spectrum of monitoring needs.

The monitor works together with the M3001A2 Multi-Measurement Server (MMS) and the M3012A/M3015A/M3016A Measurement Server Extensions to give you standard-of-care measurements.

Measurement Features:
• Patient demographics, measurement data and trends, acquired and stored in the MMS, can be transferred to the M-Series (M3/M4)3 and Philips IntelliVue (MP60/MP70/MP90) patient monitors.
• EASI™-derived 12-lead ECG4 using a 5-electrode cable set.
• Multi-lead Arrhythmia.
• Up to 3 channels of ECG with basic Arrhythmia and ST Analysis capability.
• FAST-SpO2 measurement, using Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology, for accurate performance even with low perfusion.
• Respiration, Non-invasive and Invasive Blood Pressure, and Temperature measurements.
• Mainstream or Sidestream CO2, a second Invasive Blood Pressure and Temperature measurements, and enhanced Arrhythmia capability, available optionally.

The color display has a wide viewing angle, and excellent visibility from a distance, so you can easily recognize and see the data you need for decision making.

For applications where a larger display is required, an additional display can be connected to the monitor via the standard VGA output (consult your Philips
representative for further information).

Networked Systems:
In larger installations, several of these monitors can be networked and connected to a Philips Information Center – with or without wires, for ultimate flexibility. Such a networked system not only allows central monitoring, but also bed-to-bed overview on any connected monitor. A permanent
indication at the top of the screen conveniently shows the alarm status for beds assigned to the caregiver’s group at all times.

Intended Use:
The M3 and M4 patient monitors are designed for use by clinicians for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients in Critical and Intermediate Care areas, in Operating Rooms and General Wards, and for
transport inside and outside the hospital.


Size (W×D×H)
Without Handle:
210mm × 135mm × 210mm
(8.27" × 5.31" × 8.27")

Without battery:
3200 g (7.05 lb.)

Electrical Specifications:
100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz,
0.4 to 0.7A

6.5" (diagonal) active color LCD (TFT)
640 × 480 pixels

VGA Interface:
Refresh rate: 60 Hz.
Horizontal frequency: 31.5 kHz
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Video Signal: 0.7 Vpp @ 75 Ohm
HSYNC/VSYNC signal type: TTL
Connector: 15-pin D-SUB

- Up to 4 waves (depending on monitor option)
- Alarms Off (red crossed-bell LED).
- Alarms (red/yellow LED, 3 different alarm
- On/Standby (green LED).
- AC Power (green LED)
- Battery Status (green/yellow/red LED).
- QRS tone or tick, or SpO2 modulation tone.