Abbott Plum XL3 Infusion Pump

Abbott Plum XL3 Infusion Pump

Vendor: Abbott
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The Plum XL3 is a multi­-line volumetric infusion system designed to meet the growing demand for hospital-­wide standardization. The Plum XL3 houses three independent pumping units, each having a primary line, secondary line, and piggyback fluid delivery capability. The Plum XL3 is suited for a wide range of medical/surgical and critical care applications, offering capability as both a micro device (0.1 ­ 99.9 mL/hr) and a macro device (1 ­ 999 mL/hr). Full compatibility with LifeCare® 5000 PlumSeries® administration sets and accessories, and the LifeShield needleless protection systems, makes the Plum XL3 a convenient and cost-­effective infusion system.

The following features are included in the Plum XL3:

  • Nonpulsatile volumetric accuracy
  • Micro/Macro 0.1-999 mL/hr flow rate range
  • Convenient Quickset Programming allows clinician to quickly increase rate and volume
  • Microprocessor control
  • Large LCD screen
  • Panel back illumination on AC power
  • Lockout Switch
  • Wide range of standard and specialty administration sets 
  • Standard fullfill, partfill, syringe and vial use
  • Parenteral, blood and nonparenteral (enteral) fluid delivery
  • Anti free-flow protection
  • Backpriming
  • Titration
  • KVO at dose end (1.0 mL/hr or less depending on delivery rate)
  • Long battery life for emergency backup and temporary portable operation
  • This device has a wide range of capabilities from home care applications to critical care.
  • Certified to be Within OEM Specifications
  • New Battery
  • 6 Month Parts Warranty

The Plum XL3 infusion system is for use at the direction or under the supervision of licensed physicians or by licensed or certified healthcare professionals who are trained in the use of the Plum XL3 and the administration of parenteral or enteral fluids and drugs.